Law Students

Flaherty features a summer clerk program for first and second-year law students. Students are given the opportunity to work with various practice groups in the firm. More importantly, student clerks are actively involved and attend depositions, hearings, and trials in addition to research and writing. We believe this experience provides clerks with a realistic view of practicing law.

Outside of work, we set aside plenty of time for our summer clerks to get to know our attorneys as well as the cities we call home. From golf tournaments to local sporting events to dinners and cultural events, our clerks are treated to the best West Virginia has to offer.

Summer law clerk salaries are competitive with other firms in the region. The summer program is tailored to suit the schedule of the individual clerks, but typically a 12-week clerkship is envisioned, starting within 1-2 weeks of the end of the spring semester of law school.

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Flaherty Sensabaugh Bonasso PLLC is an equal opportunity employer.

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