Tom Flaherty shares ‘ten attributes for success’ during West Virginia University Institute of Technology Commencement address

Speaking Engagement
May 2019

Attorney Tom Flaherty had the honor of addressing 2019 graduates at West Virginia University Institute of Technology Commencement on May 4th. He acknowledged that each graduate had undergone a transformation as a result of their education and time at the University.

“What happened to me at West Virginia University transformed my life and is the foundation for my success,” Flaherty said. “I owe all I’ve accomplished in life and my earthly possessions to that transformation.”

Tom’s ten attributes for success include:

  1. Have enthusiasm
  2. Find something you love and do it
  3. Have faith in yourself
  4. Don’t fear failure
  5. Don’t equate money with success
  6. Serve others
  7. Take care of yourself
  8. Keep improving
  9. Be true to yourself
  10. Be happy

Commencement Video

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