Our attorneys provide consistent and cost-effective methods to handle regulatory issues. We review and investigate all state and federal regulatory citations and orders methodically. Our services involve:

  • Providing legal guidance during an MSHA inspection, investigation or audit
  • Thorough evaluation of all the pertinent elements of your citations and orders
  • Analysis of how violations affect your repetitive history
  • Utilizing computer software to help identify potential safety problem areas in your operation and develop safety planning and training to correct these areas
  • Litigating contests to citations and assessments
  • Investigations of mine accidents


Our regulatory attorneys make every effort to achieve results that minimize risk to clients while promoting a safe work environment. We have extensive OSHA experience in the investigation and contest stage.

Below are some of the services we provide clients:

  • Providing legal guidance during an OSHA inspection, investigation or audit
  • Consultation regarding compliance with OSHA standards
  • Counseling on OSHA inspection procedures
  • Implementation of inspection response plans
  • Representing clients during work-related fatalities and major injuries
  • Representing clients in challenging citations, negotiating settlements and administrative proceedings


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